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2 min readFeb 1, 2022

ANTI-LIGATURE luminaires for Prisons and Secure Healthcare facilities.

BOXER-LED-FC and GALGO-LED-FF comply with anti-ligature requirements

When planning the construction of prisons or secure health facilities, it is important that a safe environment is created for both patients and staff.

120J test

Anti-ligature luminaires play a key role in this and are designed to prevent people from self-harming or use them as a weapon to harm themselves or others.

Due to the use of rounded and bevelled corners, it is not possible for a cordlike object to be looped or tied around it. Anti-pick mastic can be used between the body and the ceiling to minimise any apertures.
To stop the removal or dismantling of the luminaire, tamper-proof screws are used which can only be removed with special tools.
Finally, the luminaires are fitted with vandal resistant diffusers which can withstand long periods of continuous attack.

BOXER-LED-FC and GALGO-LED-FF are two such luminaires in our lighting range which comply with the anti-ligature requirements. BOXER-LED-FC can withstand impacts of up to 50J (5kg weight @ 1.0m high) and GALGO-LED-FF can withstand a physical attack of up to 120J (5kg weight @ 2.4m high) whilst still maintaining the IP65 ingress protection and electrical safety.

Have a look at the video below which demonstrates the 120J impact test on GALGO-LED-FF.

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